Car Rental Car Policy and Procedure

Where should I rent a vehicle from?
Enterprise-Rent-A-Car is the preferred rental car agency used by both the State and Research.  There is a contract with Enterprise which affords us good rates for rentals, therefore we encourage you to take advantage of the available savings.  Please call Research to obtain a purchase order number, then call Enterprise at (585) 637-0260 with the purchase order number to make your reservations.

Who is covered under Research Foundation regulations to rent a vehicle?
According to Research Foundation policy, anyone doing business on behalf of a Research Foundation grant is covered under the Research Foundation. This includes employees, students and volunteers.

What is the procedure to ensure that an individual  is covered by RF when renting a vehicle?
When renting a vehicle it must be rented under The Research Foundation of SUNY name as primary and your name secondary. The only allowable insurance reimbursable through a grant is the Damage Waiver (DW), Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) or Collision Damange Waiver (CDW). Please note that Personal Effects Insurance (PEI), Personal Accident Insurance (PAI), or liability insurance ARE NOT ALLOWABLE.

Are there restrictions when renting a vehicle?
The only restrictions, this office is aware of, which are imposed by the rental car agencies are:
                           *Individuals renting the car must be 25 years of age; if a driver is under age they may not be permitted to rent the vehicle
                             or they may be required to leave a large deposit which is refundable upon return of the vehicle.

                           *Individuals operating the vehicle must be 25 years of age; if there will be another individual driving the car other than the
                             renter or in addition to the renter, please let the rental agency know the person(s) name and age.  The rental agency
                             will inform you at that time of any restrictions.

What is the policy regarding fueling a rental vehicle?
The rental agency requires that you return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel as when you drove the car off the agency lot.  This amount of fuel will be noted on your copy of the renter's receipt.  The Research Foundation of SUNY can reimburse your fuel costs with proper receipts, therefore we ask that you put at least a 1/4 of a tank more gas into the vehicle upon returning it than when you originally took it to eliminate discrepancies between yourself and the rental agency.  We ask that you DO NOT return the vehicle without refueling it.  The refueling expense charged by the agencies is extremely high.

What if I am driving to another state?
The rental cost per day, charged by Enterprise, includes mileage within New York State.  If you are traveling to another state then there is a per mile charge as outlined in their rates.  Travel outside of New York State is subject to a charge for miles in excess of 200 miles per day for a one day rental, 400 miles for two day rentals, 600 for three day rentals and so on.

What if I need to rent a vehicle in another state?
If you need to rent a vehicle out of state  please contact Enterprise, they will be happy to coordinate this with their out of state affiliates.  However, billing priviledges are done by region, so the expense may have to be charged to a credit card.  If this is the case and you have a Research Foundation American Express Corporate card, please use your card.  If you do not have a Research Foundation American Express Corporate card, have Enterprise call our office and we will provide them with a number.  Do not use a personal credit card.  Please remember that this is ONLY for out-of-state rental, when renting within New York State please use our Enterprise billing account.  Additionally, when traveling out of state you should take out the optional insurance offered by the rental agency, however you must still list The Research Foundation as the primary insured and yourself secondary.

What if I need to rent a vehicle in another country?
If you are going to be doing any travel outside of the United States of America, please contact Laura Merkl at x2444 in advance of your travel.

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