Enterprise Rent-A-Car Rates  

Vehicle Catagory Daily Rental Fee Weekly Rental Fee Monthly Rental Fee Outside NYS
Per Mile Charge*
Economy Sedan $32.56 $196.41 $684.65 $.021
Compact Sedan $34.23 $207.64 $718.33 $.021
Mide-Size Sedan $36.48 $218.87 $768.83 $.021
Full-Size Sedan $39.28 $235.70 $824.96 $.021
Premium Vehicle $46.01 $274.98 $965.26 $.025
Luxury Vehicle $59.49 $359.16 $1,251.46 $.025
Minivan $59.49 $359.16 $1,251.46 $.025
Sport Utility Vehicles $59.49 $359.16 $1,251.46 $.025
Standard Pickup Truck $46.01 $274.98 $965.26 $.025

  Damage Waiver coverage is mandatory and is $8.99 per day. Please see Rental Car Policies for what additional coverage is acceptable and what is not.

Prices above include all charges except those classified as additional services, which are listed below. These prices are for Genesee, Livingston, Monroe, Ontario, Orleans, Seneca, Wayne, Wyoming and Yates Counties. Please call The Research Foundation Office for rates in other areas of New York State.

  The above pricing includes unlimited  mileage within New York State only.
*Travel outside of New York State includes a mileage charges for miles above 200 per day, 400 for two day rentals, and 600 for three day rentals, etc.

Parking, for one vehicle per rental, is available at the vehicle pick up site..  If there is no available parking then it is required that Remote Vehcile Delivery, Pickup Service be provided, at no charge, within a 30 mile radius of the rental facility.
Additional Services Offered Charge
Early Pickup (If used as an alternative for 7:00 am - 7:00 pm office hours) Yes $0
Daily charge for use of vehicle in Canada Yes $0
Customer pickup/drop off at office for home (within 30 mile radius of rental facility) OR Yes $0
Remote Vehicle Delivery/pickup at office or home (within 30 mile radius of rental facility) Yes $0

One-way vehicle rental

Different rates apply for travel to different regions, call Enterprise for per mile rate.

Yes $15.00
Vehicles meeting ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) requirements Yes $0.00