Rental Car Rates

Enterprise Rent-A-Car-Rates

Vehicle Category Daily Rental Fee Weekly Rental Fee Airport One-Way Daily Rates
Economy Sedan $33 $165 $83
Compact Sedan $33 $165 $83
Intermediate Sedan $34.75 $173.75 $83
Standard Sedan $34.75 $173.75 $83
Full-Size Sedan $37.50 $187.50 $83
Premium Vehicle $82 $410 $129
Minivan $65 $325 $145
Midsize SUV $62 $310 $145
Standard SUV $62 $310 $145
Full Size SUV $86 $430 $165
Premium SUV $86 $430 $165
Small Pickup Truck $70 $350 $145
Large Pickup Truck $75 $375 N/A
Compact Hybrid $49 $245 $129
Intermediate Hybrid $49 $245 $129
Full Size Hybrid $54 $270 $129
Jeep/Crossover $65 $325 N/A
Convertible $82 $410 N/A
12 Passenger Van** $122 $610 N/A
15 Passenger Van** $140 $700 N/A

Damage Waiver coverage is included.  Research Foundation will not pay for any other insurance, so you must decline or be personally responsible for that expense. Please see Rental Car Policies for what additional coverage is and is not acceptable.

**Additional requirements, including but not limited to additional terms and conditions, shall apply to the rental of these classes of vehicles

Home City One-Way Rentals:  
Home-City in-State One Way rental rate/drop fee – Daily rate plus $25 drop fee
Home-City Locations have an Additional $125 drop fee for One Way rentals out of State

Rental Mileage Allowance:
Economy, compact, intermediate, standard, full size, minivan, midsize/standard SUV, small pick-up truck, premium compact hybrid, intermediate hybrid and full size hybrid vehicles include UNLIMITED free miles

Rental Age Requirements:
Customer must be 18 years of age.  Renters must be 25 years of age or older to rent 12 and 15 passenger vans.

Other services are available, such as early pick up.  Please contact the RF Office
Additional fees for Airport locations.  Please contact RF Office

The RF Office will make the reservations for you once you’ve determined the dates and what type of vehicle you require for your RF related travel.

Last Updated 8/24/21

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